Why Join EA?


"Dreams," From this simple word a company committed to putting a glow in the universe was born. Since its inception, Language Alive has moved from building its own dreams to building the dreams of others. Each dream put back into an individual produces a glow in the universe.

With that, every family member of EA, be it the students or coaches, focus on dreams and oll else will follow.

2. Our Coaching Philosophy ensures that every moment is coachable and no child is left behing.

  • Every child has equal potential. We seek to unleash it with them.
  • Every child has dreams. We seek to live with them.
  • Every child loves an A/A1. We seek to make it happen with them.

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Why Join EA?

3. Our Coaches - The Success Model to Students.

Fun Vibrant, Energetic. These are words used to describe our bilingual in-house traines coaches. They not only make lessons fun, they literally bring languages back to life. Understanding and comprehending can never be a challenge here.

4. Our Core Value - Gratitude.

Gratitude is the invisible force of Language Alive. It is our source of unlimited strength!. We are always grateful for both positive and negative happenings, as they lessons which help us grow wiser.

While reveling in the fruits of our success, we constantly reming ourselves how lucky we are to have achieved what we have. We believe in giving back and paying tribute to all who have participated in our journey to success.

Send your resume to cv@edualivegroup.com now for an appointment now!