Jasmine is an enthusiastic and dedicated 
chemistry coach.

She developed my interest and potential in the subject.

She ensured that I understood every topic clearly and made special efforts to clarify all my doubts by going through each and every question in a detailed and systematic way.

Her consistent guidance and encouragement see my results improving from U to D in preliminary examination and finally A in A-Level. Thank you, Jasmine!

Priya Priya
NJC, ‘A’ Level Chemistry 2012
D to A

Sherina has definitely helped to improve my Chinese proficiency.

She was the main reason why I could garner an A for my Chinese.

I signed up for Chinese tuition about 1 month before A levels because I was desperately needing tuition to do well for my A levels.

I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to do well in their languages to enrol at Language Alive!

Benjamin Benjamin
‘A’ Level Chinese 2011
C to A

Miss Wong has proved to me that Chemistry is not as difficult as I think.

She makes the lesson very interesting and helps us understand the topic better.

Since young, I am always having difficulties understanding and exceling in chemistry. Throughout my 2 years in junior college, I have never gotten an A until my A-levels.

For that, I have to thank my chemistry teacher, Miss Wong. She encourages students to strive for better grade and will even spent her time after class to help the weaker students. I was an example of those who received great help.

Under her teaching, my results have improved tremendously from a S during J2 mid-year examination to a C during preliminary examination and finally to an A in A-levels. Without her patience and effort in coaching, I will still be struggling with my chemistry up till now.

Low Kun Kit Low Kun Kit
JJC ‘A’ Level Chemistry 2012
D to A

Zacchaeus has improved since he joined.

B to A in 3 mnths.

Zacchaeus has improved since he joined. His learning attitude has also changed especially for Chinese and he always look forward to go for his classes.

As parents, we are very thankful for the encouragement and motivation Sherina gave, Thank You Sherina! Well done!

Ann Tan, mum of Zacchaeus Ann Tan, mum of Zacchaeus
Nan Hua High Sch, PSLE Chinese 2011
B to A in 3 months

Last to Top 5 for Lower Sec Math in the next test!

After Florence taught me Math, I scored very good mark for Math, and from being the last in class, I improved to become one of the top 5 students who score A!

Florence is committed to motivate us to learn even when we are not interested, and is willing to spend extra time to patiently stay back to teach us until we understand.

My dream now is to become the top student in class for Math!

Muhammad Yusli Bin Khamis Muhammad Yusli Bin Khamis
Juying Sec Sch, Sec 2 Math 2013
F to A